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Our Barre classes incorporate a series of dance and fitness inspired movements that will tone your abs, bum and legs. Barre is a high intensity, low impact workout that is suitable for everyone.

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat work is the foundation for all Pilates exercises. In these classes you will learn the principles of Pilates and move your body in all directions, working muscles you didn't even know you had!


Feeling tight, anxious or tired? Join us for a revitalising, mobility based session that focusses on range of movement through all joints. A great compliment to any other training program.


High intensity, interval training classes are not for the faint hearted! These sessions will push you to your limits and build strength using a range of body weight exercises.


These classes are specifically designed to be safe for prenatal and postnatal ladies. Mama classes are a fantastic way to stay strong and mobile during pregnancy and after giving birth.


Pull up a chair for our Sitting and Standing classes! Ideal for clients with injuries or who perhaps don't wish to get down on the ground to exercise. A great workout that can be done even in the office!

Beginner Pilates

Pilates is all about the details - it's not what you do, but HOW you do it! Come and learn the basic principles that are carried through all the Pilates repertoire with this beginners class.


These fun, energetic sessions are perfect for children up to 12 years. With a range of games and exercises, your little ones will get to burn off some energy while challenging their body and mind.